Why Spencer's Custom Wood

Handmade cutting boards and Butcher Blocks

All Natural hardwood cutting boards. Handmade and built to last!

Making Jewelry

Handmade wood earrings

Turning handles

Pizza Cutter, bottle openers and Ice Cream scoop handles made out of all natural solid hardwoods. Finished with a Gloss Poly.

Unique Wall Decor

Beautiful wood home decor
Wall Decoration Mandala 3D Art Multilayer Last Supper Spiritual Gold Wood Art Meditation Art
Spencers Custom Wood LLC
Wall Decor Mandala 3D Art Multilayer Sunflower 7113
Spencers Custom Wood LLC
Large Wall Decor Mandala 3D Art Multi-Layer Anchor 19 1/2 inch diameter Wood Art
Spencers Custom Wood LLC
Extra Large Cutting Board Chaotic Butchers Block End Grain Juice groove w/ rubber feet 7034
Spencers Custom Wood LLC
Tear Drop Cutting Board Cherry Face Grain Butchers Block 7033
Spencers Custom Wood LLC
Medium Cutting Board Walnut and Maple Brick End Grain Butchers Block 7030
Spencers Custom Wood LLC

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